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Rational Expressions – Change the Topic


Ultimate Poker

Students were asked to research the different combinations of all possible poker hands.

They were then instructed to discover the new combinations of the same hands if the deck included six suits instead of four, and an extra “bishop” card in each suit (valued higher than a 10 and lower than a Jack). They should also include the possibility of a new hand – five of a kind.

Using the inevitable increase in the number of combinations of hands (but not necessarily the probability of winning), they were then to create an advertisement for the new game, making it seem like players would have a better chance of winning simply because there were more ways of getting each hand.

The research and the videos were wonderful, and I promised I would post the best video. Here it is!

Rational Expressions – Identity Crisis

Thank you to Karie Kosh for using this joke in a workshop last week. Karie is my IB Math teammate at Coppell High School, and together, we make our students love math and hate puns.

Golf Ball Launch

My students impressed me big time! The logs were not only up-to-date, but very detailed. I could tell that most groups put a lot of thought into it. Then on launch day, more than half of the launchers were on target!! (Some didn’t make the video because they were absent that day.)

I will definitely do this project again next year. The kids loved it, and were 100% engaged!

Rational Expressions – Locked Out


Rational Expressions – Kyler’s Math Class

Yes, this actually happened!!

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