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Rational Expressions – Solid Argument

Blue Shirt Khaki Pants Day

Thank you to all the students who dressed (reluctantly and uncomfortably) in blue and khaki today! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful students!

AP Calculus BC – Vedant B.
Not my student, but a frequent visitor to my class – Dia A.
AP Calculus BC
Back Row: Neil S., Natasha B., Anusha S., Alex J., Manasvi N., Devika K.
Front Row: Vedanti K., Trisha A.
IB Math Analysis SL – James S.

Rational Expressions – Reflexions of College

Rational Expressions – Vertical Limit

Rational Expressions – Divide and Conquer

Rational Expressions – Rational Argument

Rational Expressions – What’s Minus Yours

Rational Expressions – To Be Continued

Rational Expressions – Twisted Logic

Rational Expressions – In-Depth Discussion


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