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Blue Shirt Khaki Pants – It’s a Thing – 5th Grade Graduation

Today was my younger son’s 5th Grade Graduation ceremony. These are the clothes he picked. I’ve never been more proud.

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Blue Shirt Khaki Pants – It’s a Thing – Chris Gollner

Assistant Principal Chris Gollner is a joy to work with. Whenever we cross paths in the hall, he’s always got a positive comment and a sincere smile on his face. His work as an AP is exhausting, but he takes it in stride, and doesn’t let it interfere with his interactions with others. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered that Chris and I have a lot in common: For instance, we are both “middle children” and we both have an appreciation for a clever sense of humor.

I look forward to any conversation with Chris because I know I’ll leave either smiling or laughing, and ready to face the day with a positive attitude. Thank you for sporting the blue-and-khaki, Chris. You look fantastic!

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Blue Shirt Khaki Pants – It’s a Thing – Principal Laura Springer

Coppell High School Principal Laura Springer is one of the few people who can sport a blue shirt and khaki pants better than I do. But then again, she does pretty much everything better than I do. She is a constant inspiration to me, due to her ability to love students and have high expectations of them at the same time. She supports me whenever I take risks with the educational process in my classroom, because she knows that I do these things with a similar balance of love and high expectations, in order to push my students to do great things.

Laura Springer has led our campus through the pandemic years, and has done so with an overwhelming sense of support and positivity. Whether it’s a daily hug in the hallway, or blasting uplifting 80’s tunes on a Friday morning, she loves her work and all of the people she works with, to the point where we all feel like family.

It’s an honor to work with the great Laura Springer, and an even greater honor to see her wearing my traditional colors, even though it’s purely by coincidence.

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