Results of a Semester Survey – Part 2

In continuing with the results of a survey that I gave my students at the beginning of this semester, the second question was: What is the most helpful part about the flipped classroom?

Here are the answers, and again, I’ve listed them in groups, and in order of popularity:

More Effective Time with the Teacher

  1. The ability to have you as a resource when we’re doing work.
  2. Mr. VanderSchee has time to help each student individually.
  3. We get help from you only when we need it. The one-on-one time is the most helpful.
  4. The most helpful part of flipped classroom is that Mr. VanderSchee can help us with any questions we have during the class period so that we can better understand the material.
  5. being able to do work in class and therefore being able to work with classmates and the teacher more
  6. The most helpful part is definitely our access to you while completing homework assignments. Math homework has always frustrated me in the past because our teachers couldn’t help us while we were completing it, and yet they still took it for a grade. This often led to me bombing homework checks, which frankly doesn’t help anyone.
  7. That I’m allowed to answer all my questions with you while I’m doing the assignment.
  8. Also if I had questions, I was able to go talk to Mr. VanderSchee during class about it.
  9. Ask questions in class and already be aware of the syllabus in class.
  10. I’m able to use Mr. VanderSchee as a resource instead of poorly written web tutorials.
  11. Being able to ask questions in class
  12. Being able to ask questions about work.
  13. We could learn at home and then apply the skills in class with the help of the teacher.
  14. The most helpful part would likely be the availability of the instructor. Since little time is used in class for instruction, the teacher is more free and open to answer any and all questions regarding problems.

Re-watching Videos

  1. I like that I could refresh the entire concept before the test by watching all the videos. And I am sure that I will go back and watch some of these videos before the IB Exam and maybe even later on. And the fact that it is on YouTube and we don’t have to be Coppell students to watch makes it even better because we can always go back and watch them later when we forgot it in college. Thanks for taking you time to do this!!
  2. We have the ability to go and look back at the videos if we need to.
  3. The student has the lesson there and can replay as many times as needed.
  4. The style the videos are taught in. They are just like a normal classroom and we can ask you (Mr. VanderSchee) questions that we have the following day or even the same night.
  5. “the ability to replay the videos for better understanding
  6. The most helpful part about Flipped Classroom was being able to replay the video as many times as needed in order to fully understand the concept.
  7. Having the resources available whenever you need them
  8. Provided me with videos that allowed me to go over the stuff that was being talked about multiple times, which made it easier for me to learn the material.
  9. I get to watch the video however many times I want
  10. I like being able to refer back to the videos before the test to refresh my memory of the topics.
  11. I have control over the video, so I can re-watch it or slow it down. Being able to dictate the pace helps me get all the information and have a better understanding.
  12. The most helpful part of the Flipped Classroom is the flexibility of the video-watching. You can watch the videos provided at any time in the evenings, and you can always go back to them too. You can also pause them and rewind.
  13. You could re-watch the videos if the topic was confusing, which was a bit of a time saver in my opinion.

Homework in Class

  1. The opportunity to do all homework in class.
  2. You get to actually learn how to do it in class. You get more practice and clarification.
  3. Doing homework in class
  4. Getting to work with other students is extremely helpful–rather than struggling through confusing problems at home and possibly trawling the Internet for help, I can actually ask other students who understand what’s going on and how to apply it for our particular problem.
  5. I could directly ask questions I had about the work instead of waiting until the next day.
  6. Since we work on problems in class, it is also a lot easier to collaborate with other students and make sure you are doing things correctly.

Learning at Your Own Pace

  1. I can learn in my own pace and if I were to miss couple of days, I can always catch up by watching the videos so that when I come back, I don’t have to worry when I don’t understand some concept.
  2. I like learning from the videos because I can learn at my own pace. If I don’t understand something I can always watch that portion of the video again or ask in class. The flipped classroom process seems more tailored to the individual student that way.
  3. We can ask you questions at our own pace in class when we don’t understand things, and since you aren’t teaching then you are usually able to help.

Can Watch Other Videos

  1. The most helpful part is that I am more prone to look at other ‘related’ videos online when I don’t get something, because I see how these videos can help. I didn’t do that before.
  2. Video Checks
  3. This is somewhat related to the flipped classroom, but I liked the questions at the end of each videos, video checks. It sometimes made me watch the same video multiple times. This is not a complaint. Sometimes I just watch the learning videos without truly understanding the materials that are presented. The questions made me focus, and I wouldn’t have learned as much if there weren’t any questions at the end.


The videos aren’t that helpful, the most helpful part would be when you help us on the tests and go through the problem step by step. But if you can please teach in class, that would be more amazing that you already are. I love the way you teach so please try to teach more. Like instead of worksheets and videos maybe more teaching in class and go deeper into the lessons instead of the worksheets.

In my last post, I stated that I am beginning each class with a recap and some questions from the assignment. This is going well, and the students are responding well to it.

There is nothing, I would rather have work to do at home. It helps be better comprehend the material.

I imagine the students could do the work at home if they want to. It just means they will have to take a few more minutes to watch the next video. Also, I’m not sure how doing the homework at home helps them “better comprehend the material.”

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