Pictures of My Flipped Classroom

Here’s my room!

My tables are set up so students can work in groups of four.  Students aren’t all facing the front of the room, because they don’t have to.  I’m not the center of attention anymore.  They need to be facing each other, because that’s where the knowledge and collaboration will be coming from.

I did move most of the tables against the wall so that they were near the electrical outlets in the room.  I figure if I want students to bring electronics into the room, they should have a power source to use them.

The IB learner profile is up, plus I have a vision statement posted above my SmartBoard, but that’s it.  This is their room, so they will fill the walls with their work.  It will look much different in May!

I’ve got my shelves filled, not only with math books, but with puzzle books and random novels.  It’s kind of a nice area for a couple of students to chat.

My teacher’s desk is pushed against the wall to remove that student/teacher barrier.  Now I can go to the students instead of them coming to me.

I still don’t have my rolling whiteboard yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, that’s my room!  I haven’t done everything I wanted to do, but I’ve done all of the necessaries, and I’ll do the rest as the year goes on.  Hope you like it!!


About blueshirtkhakipants

IB Math Teacher, Pianist, Canadian, Husband, Father of Two

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  1. YES! Rockstar material right here. I can’t wait to see how flipping works for you–and for my class! We should teach a follow-up flipping workshop together in the future and share with our fellow friends how things work for us!

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